Ramadan Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Family & Friends

Festivities are in the air as we celebrate another Ramadan. During this time of fasting, prayers, reflection and gratitude, we are excited to share a curated gift guide with you. Here are thoughtful items you can bestow on your beloved during this holy month as a token of appreciation.

While many know Ramadan as a month of fasting, it is also a month of gathering around the table to tuck into a delicious spread once the sun sets. You’re likely to be invited to iftar and suhoor gatherings and if you’d like to arrive with a practical gift to mark the occasion, dinnerware can be the perfect item.

Dinnerware could be as simple as a beautiful serving bowl or set of decorative glasses. To elevate your gift, you can fill it with barakah. Bestow your gifts filled with tasty treats, a meal to share, or a jug of falooda to enjoy.

Lanterns are a quintessential decor item during Ramadan. This gift offers an excellent source of ambient lighting that can be used throughout the year. There are a variety of types, from small brass lanterns perfect for the tabletop to large glass sets to decorate the entryway. The selection of lanterns at KARE include metallic silver and marble options for a sense of style and opulence. These are ideal, not only for their practical value but also as a sentimental extension of this holy month.

Speaking of lighting up the home, you can also offer home accessories. These items are traditional presents for the home, ideal for the dining room table or living room display. Items such as candles can complement the table settings. Vases are also a popular choice, especially when filled with a beautiful fresh bouquet.

While there are many ways to celebrate the close of Ramadan on Eid, many offer the gift of money for family members or children. Apart from cash, there are all sorts of trinkets, treasures, and tasbeeh that can be packaged as gifts.

There are many ways to show and share the love this Ramadan. Other popular gifts include sweet treats, dates, Islamic reading materials, and Ouds. No matter what the gift might be, it is the intention and celebration of the meaning of this holy month that resonates.

That wraps up our guide on the perfect gifts to suit the occasion of gift giving during Ramadan. These items are both practical and meaningful ways to shower your friends and family with something special to celebrate the holy month.

The team at KARE wishes you all a blessed month. Ramadan Kareem.

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