Ramadan Countdown: A Home Décor Guide for the Holy Month

The countdown to Ramadan has begun as families prepare for the holy month. The team at KARE have prepared a decor guide so that you can decorate your home with refreshed dining and living rooms, just in time for this special period.

Designing Dining Rooms for Ramadan

Host special iftars this Ramadan with a statement dining room table. Beyond being a practical item - these tables have a special appeal with a collection of contemporary designs. There are several shapes and materials to suit various styles and iftar gatherings, be it classic wooden rectangular tables to seat many, to animate round tables featuring trendy designs for growing households.

Modern living spaces offer you the freedom of pairing different dining room chairs with your table. Instead of a pre-selected set, you have the opportunity to express your unique style with distinctive chairs. From the design to the colour and materials, the options are plentiful. Ramadan is the perfect occasion to introduce a new set of chairs for your dining room as you invite friends and family to take a seat at the table to break the fast together.

To complete the look in the dining room, you can frame an empty wall with a console table. There are ones featuring the moon that fit the theme and look stylish all year long. The collection from KARE has all types of styles from natural to classic and art-deco-inspired options. The console table is ideal for placing dates and water or snacks for iftar.

Decor Guide for Living Rooms

The living room is a sleek space to unwind. Stylish couches and armchairs are an ideal decor addition this Ramadan. A coffee table in the center of the room offers a perfect setting for your Ramadan decor. This is where stories can be shared and tea and snacks can be served after Iftar.

There are many ways to transform the living room. From a fresh set of cushions for your couch to a bold carpet or rug in the center of the room, new fabrics can make all the difference. Another key factor for Ramadan decor is lighting. As you’ll be awake before dawn all the way into the night, floor and table lamps introduce soft lighting in the space.

During Ramadan, time is of essence and what better way to check on prayer timings than a clock. There are small dainty table clocks that serve as a decorative reminder, as well as larger clocks which can find a place on your living room or kitchen wall.

Finally, you can spruce up the living room with furniture to help you keep your go-to items organised. A traditional magazine holder or bookshelf can be used to store everything you need for salah in a pristine condition.

The living and dining rooms are central parts of the home, especially during this time of year. In the spirit of renewal, these touches will update your space and set the scene for family time from suhoor to iftar.

Shop at KARE to elevate your home decor this Ramadan.

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