Dress Your Home for Summer with KARE

Summer brings with it a desire for lightness, to escape from the sweltering temperatures outside. This summer, transform your home into a refreshing oasis. Welcome to the world of KARE, where we combine style, elegance and high quality craftsmanship to breathe new life into your home.

Our summer home furniture is inspired by the elements of an Arabian summer: such as the calm blue sofas that evoke the memories of the sea. We work hard to create a home that feels like a cool breeze on a summer night.

Vibrant accents of our summer home décor ideas create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow. Add a burst of sunrise orange with our stylish floor lamps and read under the warm yellow glow of a reading light beside your bed. With KARE, every element in your room narrates the story of summer: of a world springing to life.

In a KARE-styled home, form meets function. Our lightweight furniture not only ensures comfort from the summer heat, but also adds a touch of minimalism to your spaces. From the thin lines on our coffee tables to the minimalist design of our shelves, every element of our summer home furniture is designed with your comfort in mind.

Despite its lightness, our summer home furniture is sprinkled with a touch of opulence. Our collection of plush carpets, pillows and elegant lighting creates a beautiful blend of comfort and luxury, turning your home into a summer retreat.

This summer, return to the comfort of your KARE-styled sanctuary. Take a nap on our plush armchairs with a cold drink by your side, soak in the gentle glow of our lighting and enjoy the comforts of your personal oasis. Our beautiful lanterns adorn your home with a rustic charm that is reminiscent of warm summer nights under the starlit desert skies.

At KARE, we go beyond creating our products. We work with you to reinvent your space, to blend your personal choices with our summer home décor ideas. We transform your home into a cool summer palace and an idyllic escape from the heat.

We look forward to welcoming the summer with you.

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