How to Decorate Your Home with Vintage Finds

Style is temporary, but class is permanent. In a world where trends change every season, the allure of vintage décor remains timeless. There’s something about the rich history, exquisite craftsmanship, and limited availability that gives vintage finds an inherent charm and character of their own.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or only just discovering the magic of vintage items, adding vintage elements into your living space can infuse class, warmth and personality to your home. At KARE UAE, we offer a vast assortment of vintage-inspired pieces that blend seamlessly into your home.

Understanding vintage styles

Vintage style, often mistaken to be old-fashioned design, is an approach that celebrates the charm and elegance of the past. Vintage styles evoke a sense of nostalgia and it’s typically used to refer to pieces from the mid-20th century and before. While vintage items often show variety in their array of materials, patterns and colors, it’s essence lies in the simple elegance, extraordinary resilience and high-quality craftsmanship.

From classic dining chairs to elegant wall clocks, KARE UAE has an assortment of vintage items that exemplify this style.

Sourcing and selecting vintage finds

Finding the perfect vintage piece requires a keen eye for detail and plenty of patience.

A good starting point would be by visiting flea markets and specialized vintage stores. Collectors of vintage items tend to form a strong community, so it’s useful to be a part of a network of like-minded people. Online platforms and stores such as KARE UAE are also a useful resource if you’re interested in sourcing high quality vintage products. Focus on the build quality, craftsmanship and items that evoke emotions within you.

Mix pieces from different eras for an eclectic feel. For example, consider KARE’s Floor Lamp Versus, that’s an ode to the era of studio lamps back when movies were still shot on celluloid. A dining chair, such as KARE’s Ludwig Gold, can also be a classic addition to your home. Remember to pay attention to size, scale and aesthetic so that your vintage finds seamlessly fit into your space.

Adding vintage finds to your home

When it comes to vintage décor, there are no rules. The key is to find a balance between vintage and modern elements. A statement piece, such as KARE’s Clock Propeller can add a retro touch to your living room, while KARE’s Console Glass Marble Black can act as a focal

point wherever you place it. Additionally, you can use curtains or cushions that feature vintage upholstery or patterns to accent your furniture. The most important thing is to remember that vintage finds don’t need to be grand, it just needs to be striking.


Maintaining the charm of your vintage finds is essential. Regular dusting and cleaning, using gentle cleaning products is necessary. For furniture like KARE’s Arm Chair Bridge or Sofa Napa, professional cleaning may be a good option. Also ensure that you do not directly expose your products to sunlight or humidity, as it can reduce the lifespan of vintage goods.

At KARE, we have a vast assortment of vintage products that symbolize the best of bygone eras. Start discovering these products today.

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